April 30, 2019

The last day of April. Uneventful, Yet here I am, to continue the story of my brother in law. As days passed, I could feel him. I knew he was around me and I just accepted and told him I loved him. I cried and I cried. I felt his presence. Dimes, I kept finding dimes everywhere around me husband. This is my sign of communication from the other side. (as a matter of fact as I type this I have the strong odor of coffee, lol, his favorite drink)! And my friends his spirit is with me as I write. So the acknowledgement the dimes further left me to open my mind and I clearly heard him say towels, towels….I was in my laundry room where I keep my summer beach towels and upon looking through them I found a T shirt my husband bought him that was left there the previous summer….. Quietly, ever so quietly…..he said give it back to ________ thanks, you keep it now. Love, pure love in that message. Good night everyone.
Love and Light…..Bella

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