I’m Back

Wel! It’s been a while and I apologize. Been busy and a!so had a death of a very close loved one over the holiday season. So tonight I choose this experience to share. I was extremely apprehensive going into the
parlor. To see this dear person I had loved for over 40 years lying in a casket. Me being who I am, I tend to be sensitive to spirit. I attempted to turn my vibration down and walked up to the casket, tears streaming out of my eyes. I touched him. And then a different feeling
I always get. I saw his emerald green aura around my loved one and watched Archangel Raphael take his soul and ascend! Release, no more pain. Knowing now that Archangel Raphael,the Hea!er, heard me. I was the connection…..the !ight worker…and now we the healer. Love and Light Bella

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