December 3, 2018

Hello my friends it’s been a very long time. Many changes…too many dramas… but a new journey…or path however you look at it. I seem to be coming into my own power shall I say. A new lesson coming through almost daily. My angels and spirit guides are with me constantly. Archangel Metatron and Michael daily. Every once in a while here comes Raphael or Chamuel. I have several spirit guides. A few have identified themselves. One I talk to daily. I have several messages from this specific guide for 2 people. How or when they will be delivered only the Universe knows. I do accept, it is my responsibility somehow to gently get the messages delivered. I have no idea who does or does not read my blog, please feel free to join in any blog dialog, via email as long as you are kind. Blessings and hopefully more tomorrow….Bella

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