April 29, 2019

Hello friends, why do I forget about this blog? Once again, I shall try not to forget.  Story time!  Start with me.  Light Worker.  This I know for sure. I Lost my brother in law December 18, 2018.  I never realized the true love I had for him.  I know I have helped others transition before, I know the feeling.  I know the work of a Light Worker.  This was so much STRONGER.  What was most surprising to me was the quick transition, especially with the circumstances surrounding his demise.  Sometimes being raised Catholic and becoming a Spiritualist attending a Catholic funeral can be stressful (on top of that being a medium!)  So, I walk up to the casket to his body, knowing completely, this is just his shell, shaking to the core, I see him as “He literally sits up, a beautiful golden white Aura around him, and this Aura is surrounded in Emerald Green, Archangel Raphael, our Angel of healing.  Transcending my brother in law to the white light, healing him as he passes.  Blessed Be!  Raphael knew I also needed to start healing, he waited for me to see, so I would know, all was well.  And So It Is.  Blessings, Bella

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