About Bella



It is my mission to help those in need to heal or connect to the other side.

As an Intuitive, I get a gut instinct about a person or situation almost immediately. I have been taught by my Spirit Guides to follow this intuition whether it be quietly and patiently observing or speaking out the truth.

Reiki is an ancient way of healing.  Generally, I use it every day on one thing or another and I do incorporate it into my readings and parties as it reduces the anxiety of my clients.

As a Medium and or Psychic I have the ability to use my “Clair” senses as such:  Clairvoyance, To reach inside another vibrational frequency and see within the “Third Eye” mental images.  Clairaudience, clear audio/hearing… the hearing of spirit or angels speaking to you, Clairsentience, clear sensation or feeling with spirit; Clairscent, to smell a fragrance or scent of something that is not around you.  Clairtangency, to handle an object or article about the owner and know something about them.

Light Worker and Healer go hand in hand.  I learned to be a Light Worker and Healer with Archangels Michael and Raphael.  In my deepest time of need, I called out to Michael, and there he was with his mighty Sword and literally as he lay it down and wrapped his wings around me to comfort me and give me the strength to move on.  Honestly, the experience was so profound and unnerving, if I wouldn’t have been there myself, I wouldn’t have believed it.  As for Raphael, how else would I learn to heal and help so gently if it were not Raphael picking up what was left of me like Humpty Dumpty and putting me all back together again?

You see my friends, I am just like you.  A normal, everyday person …. the only difference is the Universe gave me a Gift.  An awesome gift to help.

My fees go by time, not by service.  I offer a variety of services including smoke scrying. I am available for parties.  Remember, Always stay humble and kind, Bella.

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I am also an ordained minister. Ask about my wedding services in the State of Pennsylvania!